Our botanical extracts

Botanical extracts are, as the name suggests, plant extracts. They are taken from different parts of plants, including the roots, leaves, berries, bark, stems and flowers. Sometimes the plant is used as a whole, while in other cases only a specific part of the plant has desired actives. They are obtained in immersing the plant in a solvent of your choice: glycerin, alcohol or water.

These extracts make it possible to act directly on the skin by providing it with concrete active ingredients. Some extracts are sebum-regulating (regulate sebum production) while others protect the skin from external aggressions (cold, heat, pollution, etc.) or skin aging.

In addition to bringing powerful active ingredients to the compositions of cosmetics, these plant extracts are biodegradable!


Botanical extract of chamomile (powder)

From the family of asteraceae, chamomile extract is a fine brownish-yellow powder and is extracted with water.

Generally known for its soothing effects and anti-inflammatory properties, it also has antiseptic properties. 

The botanical extract of chamomile will leave the skin feeling soft and soothed.


Botanical extract of cucumber (powder)

Greenish brown with a slightly woody scent, cucumber peel extract is a wonderful addition to skin care products for its antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties.

Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it promotes cell growth. It also acts as a skin tonic and can be used to revitalize stressed and tired skin.


Banana extract (powder)

Renowned for its nourishing properties, banana extract prevents dehydration of dry skin and hair. It is softening and nourishing, a great choice for dry skin! 

Can be found in our Rhassoul mask, its richness in sugars and mucilages prevents dehydration of dry hair and mature skin by fighting against the signs of skin aging. 

Masques d'argile Rose, Vert, Rhassoul de KOSMĒO
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