Our clays

Existing in over 1500 varieties and used for centuries by Egyptian, Greek, Roman, but also Chinese civilizations, clay is a natural ingredient rich in minerals and trace elements essential in natural body care. It can be found one or several meters below the ground, depending on the type. The most famous clay colors are white, red, pink, green, gray, yellow and brown. The color always varies according to its composition in iron oxides.

Depending on the place of origin and the composition of the clay, the intensity of the properties of the latter varies. Despite their uniqueness, they all have properties in common: absorption (ability to mop up liquids), adsorption (ability to exchange particles) and they are slightly exfoliating.

At KOSMĒO, we use white, pink, green and rhassoul clay in our cosmetics.


White clay

Being the softest and most neutral clay, it is ideal for dry and delicate skin. With two major properties, absorption and adsorption, it acts as a sponge and magnet on the toxins present on the surface of our skin. Despite its strong purifying power, its richness in silica helps protect and strengthen skin cells.


Pink clay

Offering detoxifying treatment to the most sensitive and dry skin types, pink clay has enjoyed constant growing success in recent years. However, it is known that pink clay is actually a mixture of red clay and white clay!

Red clay provides purifying benefits, giving the skin a nice '' healthy glow '' appearance. White clay, also called kaolin, allows it to soften the skin, making it the most suitable clay for very sensitive and reactive skin.

Users of the pink mask will obtain a luminous complexion and very soft skin.


Green clay

Recognized for its purifying and balancing virtues, this clay is frequently used for making cosmetics for young, oily and acne-prone skin. 

Composed of aluminum silicate, green clay is the most absorbent. Acting a bit like a magnet, it will bring to the surface the impurities present in depth and will be able to absorb the excess sebum produced by oily skin.

However, despite its high antiseptic efficacy, it does not attack the skin. Being the basis of our green mask, it guarantees a powerful cleansing of the skin while accelerating healing.


Rhassoul clay (Ghassoul)

From the Moroccan tradition, Rhassoul, or Ghassoul, has been used for centuries in the East for its many virtues. Also called "washing earth", this clay does not contain any surfactant. It is therefore not at all aggressive on the skin or the scalp. However, its effectiveness is not less, because it has cleansing, detoxifying and astringent properties.

One of its lesser-known benefits is that it brightens the complexion and tightens the pores of the face, making it the perfect clay for mature skin. Very gentle, but effective, Rhassoul clay is also suitable for sensitive skin and prone to allergies. However, we recommend that you perform a test in the bend of your elbow if you are in any doubt about the risk of having an allergic reaction. 

Masques d'argile Rose, Vert, Rhassoul de KOSMĒO


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