Our floral waters (hydrosols)

Floral waters, also called hydrosols, are extracted by a process of distillation at the same time as the extraction of essential oils.
Applying hydrosol to the face, or even the body according to some, allows the skin to be toned, refreshed and hydrated.
Although these waters are effective, they are nevertheless very fragile. Large variations in temperature and light can have an impact on their conservation. We always recommend that you keep them in a cool and dark place. The ideal place to store them is in the refrigerator.
Rose hydrosol

Obtained by a process of distillation of the flower, rose water has many benefits for the skin, especially that of the face. Among the many existing varieties, the Damascus rose presents the best yield. Today it is cultivated in different countries, including Turkey, Syria and Morocco.

It is also in Arab countries that rose water was used for the very first times for skin care, around the 10th century! It was first used in cosmetics, before it was discovered a culinary and even therapeutic utility since it can relieve, among other things, headaches.

Two varieties of rose are particularly suitable for cosmetic use: Centifolia (Hundred-leaves) and Damascus rose.

At KOSMĒO, our hydrosol comes from Damascus rose.


Lavender hydrosol
  • astringent
  • purifying
  • skin and hair softener
  • revitalizing
  • helps fight against the appearance of wrinkles
  • refreshing
  • soothes skin prone to itching and redness
  • controls excess sebum
  • healing
  • regenerating


Peppermint hydrosol
  • astringent
  • purifying
  • refreshing
  • calming
  • reduces redness
  • flexibility and lightness in the legs
  • tones
  • antibacterial
  • soothes itching and sunburn