Borage Oil

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Rich in essential fatty acids, such as acid gamma-linolenic, our chemically untreated borage oil (hence its distinctive smell) can help you delay skin aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Its balanced concentration of omega-6 provides protective and repairing benefits for more sensitive skin.


Borago officinalis

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How to use


Cleanse the face. Apply your tonic (hydrosol) using a cotton ball. Then apply 1 or 2 drops of borage oil to the fingers and pat the oil on the skin. Gently press the surface of the hands on the face to allow the oil to penetrate. Use morning and / or evening.


Apply a drop of oil to each nail. Massage delicately until complete penetration.


Our borage oil is 100% pure and is not deodorized. 
The refinement process used to remove the smell of the oil
 loses its vitamins and lecithin, a component that helps protect the skin and prevent dehydration.
We want to avoid this at all costs in order to preserve the properties and benefits of this exceptional vegetable oil.